This isn't really Kotlin related, but it's Intelli...
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This isn't really Kotlin related, but it's Intellij related... I have a gradle project created with IDEA. Now, I want to re-structure the whole project, by creating a new project (and copying the source code to the new project). So, I closed IDEA, renamed the folder "MyProject" to "MyProjectTemp". Then I re-launched IDEA, created a brand new Gradle project "MyProject" with the exact same GroupId and ArtifactId. However, this new project seems to somehow pull data from the previous gradle project ("MyProjectTemp"). The "build.gradle" generated by IDEA has its content copied from the previous project's "build.gradle" and it also had content that a newly created "build.gradle" should have. As a result the new "build.gradle" and the project is a mess. I'm confused. I tried to invalidate IDEA caches, and even move "MyProjectTemp" out of the projects directory, but neither helped. What can I do?