does kotlin uses `experimental` features in its in...
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does kotlin uses
features in its internal's implementations? I was checking
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internal class CoroutineScheduler(
    private val corePoolSize: Int,
    private val maxPoolSize: Int,
    private val idleWorkerKeepAliveNs: Long = IDLE_WORKER_KEEP_ALIVE_NS,
    private val schedulerName: String = DEFAULT_SCHEDULER_NAME
) : Executor, Closeable {
    init {
        require(corePoolSize >= MIN_SUPPORTED_POOL_SIZE) {
            "Core pool size $corePoolSize should be at least $MIN_SUPPORTED_POOL_SIZE"
        require(maxPoolSize >= corePoolSize) {
            "Max pool size $maxPoolSize should be greater than or equals to core pool size $corePoolSize"
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public inline fun require(value: Boolean, lazyMessage: () -> Any): Unit {
    contract {
        returns() implies value
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public inline fun contract(builder: ContractBuilder.() -> Unit) { }