10/04/2018, 8:21 PM
tl;dr - ignore this. just musing over syntax and features. the best argument as to why Kotlin should not include things like collection literals, collection comprehensions, and java's ternary operator (kotlin's if/else is far superior) is that kotlin is currently a very easy-to-read language. not excessively verbose, and lacking many operators that only someone familiar with the language would understand (e.g. the aforementioned). however, compare them to the elvis operator
which i think is intuitively designed. at the very least are collection literals not equally or more-so imminently understandable? My only issue is what container symbol to use?
already have distinct uses. while square brackets are the only ones that don't support multiple fields, and thus they would be prime candidate, I really hate how easily confused indices vs elements already are. sorry for wall of text. thoughts?