(I asked this some time ago, but didn't receive an...
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(I asked this some time ago, but didn't receive any answer, maybe nobody was around or my explanation wasn't clear) I have a Kotlin lib published to Maven and a Kotlin desktop (JavaFX) app that uses it. It works fine, but I get warning
Some JAR files in the classpath have the Kotlin Runtime library bundled into them. This may cause difficult to debug problems if there's a different version of the Kotlin Runtime library in the classpath.
I have read here https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/compatibility.html that I need "to use the Gradle/Maven *dependency*" instead of "*bundling*". What does it mean? Currently I have this in my lib POM ( https://github.com/AlexP11223/minic/blob/master/pom.xml )
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Do I need to specify different
(such as
) or what?