started first kotlin project, want to fix an issue...
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started first kotlin project, want to fix an issue with an existing intellij plugin. when i run
./gradlew compileTestKotlin
i get unresolved reference errors
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e: .../intellij-makefile/src/test/kotlin/MakefileParserTest.kt: (2, 37): Unresolved reference: MakefileParserDefinition
e: .../intellij-makefile/src/test/kotlin/MakefileParserTest.kt: (4, 60): Unresolved reference: MakefileParserDefinition
e: .../intellij-makefile/src/test/kotlin/MakefileStructureViewTest.kt: (3, 37): Unresolved reference: MakefileStructureViewElement
e: .../intellij-makefile/src/test/kotlin/MakefileStructureViewTest.kt: (14, 32): Unresolved reference: MakefileStructureViewElement
i’m having trouble understanding the meaning of these errors.
import name.kropp.intellij.makefile.MakefileParserDefinition
, and this is a valid import path AFAIK. my fork is hosted on github here: my branch is
. would greatly appreciate any help. i hope to fix a bug in this plugin soon