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08/11/2017, 5:18 AM
Kotlin 1.2 M2 is out We’re happy to announce the second milestone release for Kotlin 1.2. The primary focus of this release is concerned with stability and bugfixes in Kotlin compiler and tooling as well as improvements of Kotlin standard library. It also includes many … Continue reading → 8 replies
some people expected
to be infixed.. may I open a call and see how much votes it gets?
@elect I don't think it's a matter of votes. While it seems to be a common intuition that
should be infix when it's the only function invoked, as soon as it comes in a more complex expression, like
a pow 2 + b pow 2
all intuition breaks. It is highly unlikely that we'll be changing the order of infix operators and infix functions to tailor that to this case. What can be helpful here is the designated operator for the exponentiation with its own prioirity, like
, but given how reluctantly new symbolic operators are introduced in Kotlin, I wouldn't count on that too.