e.g, given the interface ``` interface Navigable&l...
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e.g, given the interface
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interface Navigable<out F: Fragment> {
    fun ActionBarTitleRes(): Int
    fun NavBarMenuItemId(): Int? = null

    fun newInstance(): F
and the class
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class MissionsFragment : Fragment() {
    // code here...
    companion object : Navigable<MissionsFragment> {
        override fun ActionBarTitleRes(): Int = R.string.missions_title
        override fun NavBarMenuItemId(): Int? = R.id.nav_missions

        override fun newInstance(): MissionsFragment {
            return MissionsFragment()
then, inside a function
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fun someCheck(someFrag : Fragment) {
I would like to check if 'someFrag' has a companion object that implements