If I compile with `1.0.4-eap-62`, does my compile...
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If I compile with
, does my compiler change each time JetBrains update the EAP ? My project was building fine yesterday but now I get a compile error on a large string
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Error:(4, 1) org.jetbrains.kotlin.codegen.CompilationException: Back-end (JVM) Internal error: Failed to generate property Playlist_Raw_Json
Cause: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
File being compiled and position: (4,1) in /Users/francois/dev/code/LostContext-App/app/src/main/java/com/lostincontext/data/playlist/JSON.kt
PsiElement: val Playlist_Raw_Json = """
(I have a fairly large string since I am writing a first prototype where I have a raw JSON in the code before I switch to a live API call in the next iteration)