How would I go about submitting a bug report when ...
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How would I go about submitting a bug report when I’m not actually sure what’s causing it? The scenario is in a Gradle-based Android build where a project compiles successfully but an
with several calls with RxJava Observables causes a
on said
when referenced statically from another class. Through very non-standard testing techniques, I’ve noticed that removing all intermediates to the project and compiling resolves the issue; that is, I’ve only experienced it under incremental builds with Gradle. I understand that the current beta release of Kotlin does not formally support incremental building in Gradle so should I wait for said feature to be “complete”? In the meantime, what information can I collect to create a better bug report? I feel like there’s a lot variables that go into building a project like this that could cause this issue; no “snippet” of code would expose this.