12/31/2015, 12:53 PM
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in the <!channel>. If you have a problem with that, please reply to me directly in a PM (or add a reaction). If you do not like StackOverflow, please keep it to yourself, this isn’t about opinions on those who don’t like it, it is for those that have been using it and the value of making it accurate. The following is a community issue applicable to everyone benefiting from Kotlin: As Kotlin nears 1.0 we can all help with making sure publicly content is up to date with current Kotlin. Just as we can all send pull requests to update Kotlin documentation, or update our own articles on our blogs to be current syntax, we can also update StackOverflow. In our research on browsing history of software developers, StackOverflow is usually the top few visited technical domains behind Google Search. * Therefore any content there that is inaccurate, out dated, or bad can have a big influence on people’s experience with a given technology.* I have been reviewing every question on 36 pages of Kotlin tagged items on StackOverflow. I have been adding comments to get corrections to questions or answers. And also making suggested edits (less successful, random moderators don’t understand the context of many edits). Please review your own Q||A and take the time to make them current. StackOverflow does not require or desire you to leave old invalid answers for historical purposes. The “community owns all answers” idea means we can all help make things better. Add a comment to request a correction on someone else’s question or answer, or make a suggested edit directly. All changes should be inline with the original question or answer. If other people make good comments on changes to your Q||A, please incorporate them so all readers do not need to read the full comment flow; especially if you are the accepted answer. In the case where you want to leave the old content, you can add a note at the top for an update or new status of an issue. Therefore the current status is immediately clear. In the case where valid comments are ignored and the Q||A continues to be unsalvageable and is downright bad, downvote. But give the author time to reply and incorporate feedback. If they abandon their answer and leave it invalid, a downvote informs people that the item has less value. But this is a last resort (unless obviously it is plain wrong). The idea is to “comment before down voting” or people won’t know what is going on. *So please check your own questions or answers for validity. * View comments others make to your posts. Update posts to be current Kotlin. Vote up/down where applicable. Check the accepted answer is still correct, sometimes a new answer is correct, and the old is now wrong. Make sure things are complete and self contained (no link-only answers). And help prepare this valuable content source for Kotlin 1.0 release. What a great use of your vacation time and holidays, giving a gift to Kotlin commmunity!
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