Soo, I had some small projects going in java / sca...
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Soo, I had some small projects going in java / scala about 2 years ago, but it seems I have really forgotten things, was wondering if you guys could help me interop with this java lib i am attempting to use from kotlin:
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// I have a function that takes  a `FindCallback` as its parameter
public abstract class FindCallback<T extends ParseObject> extends ParseCallback<List<T>> {
	public abstract void done(List<T> list, ParseException parseException);
	void internalDone(List<T> list, ParseException parseException) {
		done(list, parseException);
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// This is the function I would like to call
public void findInBackground(FindCallback<T> callback) {
	FindInBackgroundThread task = new FindInBackgroundThread(callback);
how do i call the