Hello. I got some problem when using ktor rawsocke...
# ktor
Hello. I got some problem when using ktor rawsockets with other platforms using blocking io. I have some server expecting two Int and one image in the form of ByteArray. https://gist.github.com/indrih17/101943956a9cc44a7058ae4baa1d0b12 If my client looks like this https://gist.github.com/indrih17/3b8297db0c49f03274c8c4ba4b000b85 that’s all right. But if I add a blocking InputStream https://gist.github.com/indrih17/3d6d5d74cec0cb97036c7b7c928852ca then at the time the read method is called, the server’s reading channel is blocked until the connection is disconnected. If I add delay(2000) in front of the read method, so that all the data can reach the server, then the picture immediately arrives. How to get around this problem?