I just found the repo :simple_smile:, thanks! I ha...
# ktor
I just found the repo simple smile, thanks! I had a little bug but by looking at what you did I think this should work:
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class MoshiSerializer(block: Moshi.Builder.() -> Moshi = { build() }) : JsonSerializer {
    private val backend: Moshi = Moshi.Builder().run { block() }

    override fun write(data: Any): OutgoingContent = TextContent(backend.adapter<Any>(data.javaClass).toJson(data), ContentType.Application.Json)

    override suspend fun read(info: TypeInfo, response: HttpResponse): Any = withContext(<http://Dispatchers.IO|Dispatchers.IO>) {
        val text= response.readText()

        return@withContext backend.adapter<Any>(info.type.java).fromJson(text)!!