By coincidence I just noticed a weird debugger iss...
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By coincidence I just noticed a weird debugger issue if you have a test class in the test module which has the same name (and package) as one in the main module. Not sure if it’s worth to file an issue for it though?! Consider this class your main module:
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// this is in main module
class Tester {

    fun foo() {
        println("main foo 1")
        println("main foo 2")
        println("main foo 3")
        println("main foo 4")
        println("main foo 5")
        println("main foo 6")
        println("main foo 7")
        println("main foo 8")
        println("main foo 9")
And this one in your test module:
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import org.junit.Test

// this is in test module
class Tester {

    fun testFoo() {
        println("test foo 1")
        println("test foo 2")
        println("test foo 3")
        println("test foo 4")
        println("test foo 5")
        println("test foo 6")
        println("test foo 7")
        println("test foo 8")
        println("test foo 9")
Now put a breakpoint on the first line of testFoo() and debug the function. The debugger/editor will break/jump to the same line number in main’s Tester class - fun foo() in this case - but executed will actually be the correct line in testFoo() (printlns are correct)