This is outside of the scope of kotlon/js and Kotl...
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This is outside of the scope of kotlon/js and Kotlin for web. It is related to Javascript though. Objective of the project is to build a framework that will run in the JVM. Primarily it will target desktop but there will be documentation and support for license holders to self host should they choose to do so. The framework is for the TTRPG (Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc type games) and for licensing reasons we will supply a framework while other developers will create open source plugins compatible with the framework. Similar to FoundryVTT for any who are familiar. Given that we suspect our developer base will overlap with Foundry and integration with foundry is critical, we are hoping to allow users to create plugins with Javascript and create UI elements with HTML and CSS. My hope is to leverage the HTML DSL available in core Kotlin, inline Javascript where needed for entry points to our classes, etc. Im curious if anyone has any insight on using kotlin for a desktop application and using another language, like Javascript (+HTML and Css) for extensions and plugins. A project that appears to be doing something similar is which is a scripting engine for Minecraft created 100% in kotlin. I appreciate any advice anyone has. I'm extremely excited to be using Kotlin. I've been a web developer for a few years now and honestly avoided Java like the plague. Kotlin is really special though, so I'm excited to see what comes from this project.
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