Hi, recently I've been using the Kotlin JS IR comp...
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Hi, recently I've been using the Kotlin JS IR compiler for my web projects, but this particular error comes up during on of the gradle tasks during build: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-46838. Apparently this has been fixed in Kotlin 1.5.30-M1 and in Kotlin 1.6. Though when I try bumping my kotlin version to 1.6, i now have a different error:
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java.lang.IllegalStateException: IrClassPublicSymbolImpl for com.slang.domain.entities/ClassName|null[0] is already bound: CLASS CLASS name:ClassName modality:FINAL visibility:public [data] superTypes:[kotlin.Any]
Does anyone else have the same issue? UPDATE: This error happens during the
task during the gradle build pipeline. As a temporary fix I've added
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gradle.startParameter.excludedTaskNames += setOf("compileTestDevelopmentExecutableKotlinJs", "compileTestProductionExecutableKotlinJs")
to my build.gradle file