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Hi, everyone! To determine future changes regarding per module generation, we need your feedback regarding current and previous experience with per module generation in Default and IR backends. For that, please, answer the following questions (keep in mind that per module generation is a default behavior in default backend, while in IR, single 
 file is generated and to turn it on you need to pass it by adding the line 
freeCompilerArgs += listOf("-Xir-per-module")
 inside kotlinOptions block: • How do you use generated 
 files for each module in Legacy mode? Please, describe your case in details. • If you used 
 in IR mode has it managed to satisfy your needs? If not describe the problem that you faced ◦ Does single 
 files in IR mode block you from migrating? ◦ Did you manage to overcome the problem? Describe how ◦ Do you publish the resulting JS code to NPM? ▪︎ Do you publish more than one package? ▪︎ If yes, do you expect to use these packages to be used simultaneously in the same app? • If you need to generate 
 per module as well, please, describe why do you need this possibility and describe your case where you find it useful Feel free to answer in the thread 🧵 or (better) follow the KT-44319 and leave your answer youtrack in the comments.
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