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edit: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58791728/how-can-i-keep-my-current-architecture-of-the-back-end-while-separating-my-local Hey guys need help, don't know exactly how to phrase this. I have datasource interface that is implemented by both local and remote datasources (following the googlesunflower example). Now i want to have some different functions that aren't shared. For example, local should do inserts and so on while the remote should just fetch. The problem is my repository only recognises functions that are in the datasource interface and are implemented by the local and remote data source. (Tried googling just don't even know where to begin, i tried to make a new interface to be a median(the inbetween ) but that didn't work out because it messes up dagger). If anyone can point me to a way to search this or article or anything that will be really helpful! haste bin of the related code: https://hastebin.com/xuzufigutu.java git for reference: https://github.com/Nikola-Milovic/QuoteAppMvvm/tree/Backend
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