hi everyone, small, what feels like a newbie quest...
# getting-started
hi everyone, small, what feels like a newbie question. I'm looking into using kotlin multiplatform to build some libraries for android/ios and javascript. I'm getting stuck on the gradle JS setup for our unit tests though. It seems most docs online use kotlin2js for doing things like installing mocha and populating nodemodules, but adding the kotlin2JS module with the multiplatform module returns the following error
Cannot add extension with name 'kotlin', as there is an extension already registered with that name.
This link, https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-32137?_ga=2.97965660.2132659469.1572979841-1716587075.1572304917, seems to suggest that support docs for multiplatform JS gradle is getting updated. Does anyone know if this is still accessible or has an example gradle file that uses multiplatform to trigger a mocha run? Thank you!