Hi. How do you use `isInitialized`? I can't work i...
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Hi. How do you use
? I can't work it out from https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/properties.html#checking-whether-a-lateinit-var-is-initialized-since-12. I use
1.3.31 with JRE 1.8 as a REPL:
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lateinit var i:Integer;
i::isInitialized //or:
i.isInitialized // both fail with:
// error: unresolved reference. None of the following candidates is applicable because of receiver type mismatch: 
// @SinceKotlin @InlineOnly public val @receiver:AccessibleLateinitPropertyLiteral KProperty0<*>.isInitialized: Boolean defined in kotlin

::i.isInitialized // -> error: backing field of 'var i: Integer' is not accessible at this point