I’m running into a weird issue. I have two Android...
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I’m running into a weird issue. I have two Android modules in my project
depends on
. Both modules contain Java and Kotlin code. Additionally, the
module includes a gradle script to upload the library to a maven repository. So far so good. The problem is the publishing script. It starts with
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apply plugin: 'maven-publish'

group = ‘com.group'
version = VERSION_NAME // defined in gradle.properties
This for some reason results in an error and the compiler can’t find the Kotlin classes from the
module in my
anymore. If I change the version to
version = ‘2.2’
, then everything works. But somehow references like
version = rootProject.ext.version
break the build. Does anyone know why this is happening? Only Kotlin classes are affected. I also checked that they bundled in the .aar file and they are.