# getting-started


06/28/2016, 1:32 PM
Well, golang has a lot of downsides, especially ones that related with the code generation and generics. I like to scaffold stuff here and there, especially when we’re talking about basic CRUD+AAA, and with golang it’s a complete headache. Golang is a win win for CI/CD cycle because of VERY fast compilation, and you can embed all the dependencies into the binary to get a relatively small docker image, with FROM scratch approach If we’re comparing Kotlin to Scala - Scala has matured very well, but compiler got tons of legacy code that will not get rewritten or reengineered even at not so distant future. And that’s causing like a lot of trouble with the compilation speed. Incremental compilation doesn’t work that great too due to the standard library size and namespace bloatness. Scala’ s stdlib is 5MB vs Kotlin’s 561 KB I can’t say anything exact about kotlin’s runtime overheads, but it looks like there is almost none comparing to Scala and Groovy.