Hi all I have some issues using kotlin with kafka ...
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Hi all I have some issues using kotlin with kafka streams. I’m trying to make a join with a foreign key but I’m facing an error like :
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leftTable.join(rightTable, myleftObject::getIdRight, LeftRightJoiner())
the error is : None of the following functions can be called with the arguments supplied. join(KTable<TypeVariable(KO)!, TypeVariable(VO)!>!, ((t: myleftObject!) → TypeVariable(KO)!)!, ((value1: myleftObject!, value2: TypeVariable(VO)!) → TypeVariable(VR)!)!)   where VR = TypeVariable(VR), KO = TypeVariable(KO), VO = TypeVariable(VO) for   fun <VR : Any!, KO : Any!, VO : Any!> join(other: KTable<KO!, VO!>!, foreignKeyExtractor: ((t: myleftObject!) → KO!)!, joiner: ((value1: myleftObject!, value2: VO!) → VR!)!): KTable<String!, VR!>! defined in org.apache.kafka.streams.kstream.KTable I have taken this from https://kafka-tutorials.confluent.io/foreign-key-joins/kstreams.html but this is in java language Can somebody help me with this ?