Strongly agreed with Ilya - the vast majority of p...
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Strongly agreed with Ilya - the vast majority of people asking these questions aren’t interested in reading sidebars or even a modicum of scrollback to understand what’s appropriate to post in a given channel. Linking to a “how to ask” post could just as easily backfire because a) someone will inevitably not have the time to painstakingly detail why a given message is inappropriate for a channel (or this workspace entirely), which leads to b) the OP will likely get all indignant over someone “blindly” responding with a “cookie-cutter response” - folks who can’t be bothered take two minutes to get a feel for a given community don’t respond well when told that they’ve made a mistake. There’s a lot of “well, I think your community should be like _this_” and when someone tells them that’s just not how it works, the reply is always some variant of “that’s just your _opinion_“, usually in response to someone who’s been part of the community for a good deal longer than OP