Jetbrains is already doing that Hadi :wink: I don’...
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Jetbrains is already doing that Hadi 😉 I don’t know exactly how you could help. Hopefully in terms of content, but there’s so much content already, and I think the Koans are great to do at the meetup as well. We want to try to make Android developers enthusiastic about migrating (parts of) their existing Android apps to Kotlin, so that will be our focus. What are great and quick wins? What can be done, what can’t (yet), etc? I.e. an existing small, but complete Android app will probably be our starting point of the meetup. Then we’ll keep enhancing it in those three presentation / hands-on blocks. One thing you could do maybe is simply open the meetup via a video-link or something? Or we can gather some questions from the audience during the meetup and we can ping you with some questions at some point during the evening? (Just thinking out loud here) That’d be awesome!