Hi guys ! Thank you <@U3K6VQZLJ> but I try to stay...
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Hi guys ! Thank you @eygraber but I try to stay away from reddit as much as I can. I might put a message or two in there, but reddit generates a lot of trolling, and I don't have time for that. I have never claimed that Kodein is the right choice for every app / team, and I do understand why Jake Wharton, who worked in the company that created Dagger (Square), then later for the company that creates Dagger 2 (Google), thinks ill of Kodein. I respect that. Also, using Kodein means gaining some benefits over Dagger 2 (semantic, syntaxic, build time), but also means loosing some benefits as well (compile time validation). Which ever feature is the most important to YOU is the only way YOU have to make a meaningful choice. In the end, people who try Kodein's approach may agree with it, and then they'll probably use it, or they won't, and that's fine. Most of the Kodein user base has been created that way, and I'm very happy with that !
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