# kodein


04/21/2017, 9:11 AM
@dimsuz Thanks for the Kapsule link. I think the main difference between Kodein & Kapsule is that Kodein does a lot more "magic" (Which I am totally fine with), and that's exactly what Mike Gouline doesn't like. Kapsule "links" your dependencies with their declarations in the module. It does not handles scopes (singletons, refSingletons, user scopes, etc.) or inter-module transitives dependencies. Also, it forces you to be more explicit, specifically when you have multiple modules (you need to have an interface that describes all dependencies), which makes you write more code, but has the benefit of being easily traceable. In it's core, it's just a "linker". I think Kapsule fills a gap between manual dependency injection and full-fledged containers like Kodein and as such is very interesting to those who want as little "magic" as possible in their code 😉 However, I'll keep using Kodein 😛