Emil Kollstrøm

04/08/2022, 8:17 AM
Company: Sportradar Role: Kotlin backend developer for sports statistics Location: Bratislava, Slovakia About: Do you know the difference between inherited and bequeathed runners? Or a flyout and a popout? It does not matter whether you already know the complexities of baseball stats, what matters is that you know how to turn complex domain knowledge into beautiful, readable Kotlin code. If you know how to write that code in a functional style with test-driven development too, then we might have the perfect role for you. As a member of the Production Engineering tribe and the Tundra squad, you will develop software that calculates sports statistics for hundreds of concurrently ongoing sporting events. You will contribute to a state-of-the-art CI/CD pipeline that makes it possible to deploy often, quickly and without downtime. You will join a squad with a relentless focus on delivering quality software for clients like Google and Microsoft – software that will reach millions of users. Contact: Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn (or here on Slack) if you are curious about anything about the role Job listing: