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[PAID] [HIRING] [REMOTE] [+/- 3hr GMT] [FULL-TIME] Hi everyone 👋 We’re looking for three Sr. Backend Engineer to join our team at Bound. Compensation is between 70-100k GBP + equity. We’ve recently raised $6.5mm from VCs behind companies like Klara, Wise, N26 and Xero! We're looking to hire three Sr. Software Engineers on the backend! Bound’s mission is to make it effortless for businesses to deal with currency risk. Currency risk is when a business earns revenue in one currency and has costs in another. When a business has currency risk, it can lose money when exchange rates move around. Millions of businesses globally face currency risk every day. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in joining an early stage startup, or for engineers who love working on greenfield projects. As one of the first 10 engineers on the team, you’ll have the chance to have a huge impact on the product, the engineering culture and the entire company as we grow! You can read more about the role and apply here: https://bit.ly/3p5yR0Z Please reach out if you have any questions! P.S. I just wrote a blog post about how we came across the idea for Bound! You can read it here: https://medium.com/@dan_from_bound/death-taxes-and-losing-on-fx-2aea734c3b9d