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[HIRING][Hybrid on-site/from-home][Haarlem, the Netherlands]🇳🇱 Vayapay is a startup, offering a platform for traveling with EMV credit and debit cards in public transport. Whether you are a daily commuter, an infrequent traveler, or a tourist finding their way, VayaPay offers stress-free travel through a seamless payment experience. VayaPay was founded by Ximedes (Haarlem, the Netherlands) and Invenio Growth AB (Stockholm, Sweden). Ximedes is a technology supplier with years of experience developing software for payments and public transport. Invenio is a venture-builder, skilled in incubating startups and helping them grow. Vayapay has landed a launching customer and is planning to go launch late 2022. Vayapay is a greenfield platform, and we are working hard on the first iteration of the product. Which means your impact on Vayapay’s design will be big! Our current technology stack is • Kotlin, Ktor and coroutines • Websockets in a reactive context • AWS (EC2, DynamoDB) • PostgreSQL • Lots of interesting cryptograhical tools and techniques for dealing with EMV payments and security [EDIT] Edited to add that we are willing and able to hire from outside the EU. We can offer some support with relocation but most of that burden would be on you. Contact me directly if you are interested, or take a look at some more details on our LinkedIn job page: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2882129606
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