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01/06/2022, 5:24 PM
[Hiring][Remote][Time zone sensitive, +/- a few hours US time zones :)] ^ Not sure how the brackets work, but when in Rome… We (Touchlab) are hiring for a few different roles. We have gone all in on Kotlin Multiplatform and KMM, and are looking for mobile/Android-focused engineers that would like to work on KMM (and some Kotlin/JS) projects, in production, as the core part of what you do. KMM is still new for most of the dev world, so we’re mostly looking for Android devs who want to learn. Besides client projects, we publish a fair bit of open source, and work on some not-so-public stuff around builds and dev tooling. Besides that, we have traditionally done a lot of community and content work, and have been getting ready to come back to that in a big way in 2022. *We are also looking to find people who are deep into KMP. Specifically KMP experts with significant production and open source experience, and at least one person with deep experience on the iOS side of things. One core focus for us is improving the iOS dev experience, especially for larger teams, and that requires an understanding of the iOS dev ecosystem and a deeper-than-average understanding of the iOS dev tools and Xcode. Obviously these are less common skills, but that’s what we’re looking for!* We are remote, but have some sensitivity around time zones, so most of our team is within a few hours of NYC time. Just FYI.
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