My team is hiring! We're looking for Kotlin backen...
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My team is hiring! We're looking for Kotlin backend engineers. We're a legal-tech firm whose goal is to be the for lawyers. The old monolith was a .NET and python thing. It's getting replaced with Kotlin backends. All AWS. Keywords: Kotlin, coroutines, grpc, protobuf, AWS, Kafka, terraform, envoy(Currently AppMesh, but open to whatever lets us scale the best). There's more, but the most important part(and the reason I joined) was they're NOT Java. On-call: There is an on-call. It's per team. For my team, we're about at a 1 week per 3 month rotation. It gets more spread out the more we hire, and we're obviously hiring. If you're a Java guy wanting to checkout Kotlin, then this is for you. If you're an ex-Java guy who has moved to Kotlin, you understand how hard it is to go back. Overall listing page: My team's listing: DM me if you're interested. The listings are your typical generic skill trees. Our team is looking for people who are really good at highly concurrent non-blocking code. Location: We're located in Austin, TX. But hiring remote. As of now, US and EU are pretty much a slam dunk. But they're quickly expanding the reach for the right person.
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