Hello everyone! :wave: Turo, a P2P market place (A...
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Hello everyone! 👋 Turo, a P2P market place (Airbnb for cars), is currently looking for Android K / iOS / Backend K / Data engineers in a different range of levels! We are looking for full-time employees to come work with us in San Francisco 🌉 To put the world's one billion cars to better use I can talk mostly from the Android side so: • 80% of codebase in Kotlin K • Feature modularized (only by feature, not by feature + layer) • Demo apps with feature modules for under 15 seconds build times 🚀 • Mostly RxJava2 but we have some feature modules completely in coroutines • We use Airbnb's Mavericks + Epoxy libraries to incredibly speed up our development 🚀 (avoids lots of boilerplate code) + ensure all of our screens survive rotation and recover all user input even through process recreation • Full time • Salary depends on the level you are applying + experience (my personal comparison with other SF salaries is that Turo's salaries are competitive) • US-based engineers only • Sponsorships available https://grnh.se/e7c0f5c81us Send me a DM with your info if you're interested! 🙏
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