Hi everyone! <Shortcut AS> is hiring Senior(Mid-Se...
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Hi everyone! Shortcut AS is hiring Senior(Mid-Senior level) Android engineers. We are looking for more brilliant Android brains to add flair and finnesse to our ever expanding portfolio of projects. SHORTCUT is a leading mobile innovation company spread across Oslo, Bergen, and Copenhagen. We’re a collection of 100 brilliant minds made up of Developers, Designers, Architects, Software Engineers and Project Managers. Together with our customers, we have succeeded in building digital tools used by millions every day. In the last 10 years, we have created apps for customers such as Vipps, Cutters, Rema (Æ), Gensidige, Securitas, FHI + Bilkolletivet. 100 % high-end Android app development You will be developing Android apps that utilise custom components, complex or dynamic layouts, L10N, animations, unit & UI testing. And will not be scared by various SDK versions. Senior Android specialist with great communication skills To join our app corps, you must know the ins and outs of modern Android architecture/lifecycle management. You care strongly about developing exquisite user experiences, you understand what mobile-first APIs look like and you are not afraid to talk shop with non-techie people. And oh: you also need to be fluent in English. The greatest power is the gentlest touch Mixing innovation with idealism and adding a dash of technology infatuation, the SHORTCUT community has been growing steadily for a more than a decade. And during the 2020 Global Pandemic we have continued to win new projects that require us to grow even more. We employ more than 20 different nationalities and are optimistic about the future of apps, yet humble about the challenges we face as a tech community in a niche space within an ever-changing world. Apply now by telling us what you’d love to do If you fancy the sound of us, then let´s reverse roles. Tell us what your ideal everyday would consist of and what you do or don´t want to do in your next role. Just send an email to appetite@shortcut.no. Alternatively, you can also apply the traditional way, by sending a CV or LinkedIn application here. We encourage all who are qualified to apply, regardless of age, gender, disability, national or ethnic background. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/search/?currentJobId=1988628105&amp;f_C=813612&amp;geoId=92000000 • Company: https://shortcut.global/ • Location: OSLO • Remote: No. • Full time: Yes. • Visa sponsorship: No. (I believe we will transfer existing visas?) • Hiring process: Phone screen, short take home project, and then a (virtual) on site. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/shortcut-as_theoretically-if-you-were-a-freelancing-activity-6706216356968243200-3F8p (edited)
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