Freelance technical Interviewers [fully REMOTE], p...
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Freelance technical Interviewers [fully REMOTE], pays US $100 per interview (one hour interview plus time to do your write-up). Requires solid english spoken/written.
>> Who are we looking for?
We are looking for experienced software engineers who believe that interviewing is a first-class job. You should possess: Interviewing experience focused on evaluating fundamental computer science skills (i.e. data structures, algorithms etc.), software craftsmanship (i.e. understanding of unit testing, source control, APIs etc.), and/or specific technologies (i.e. iOS, distributed systems etc.). Strong oral and written communication skills. Able to empathize with candidates and provide actionable feedback. An ability to structure your schedule (i.e. you can pick certain blocks of time during the day, evenings, weekends). A genuine desire to continuously improve the Karat service and technical interviewing.
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