06/21/2017, 3:26 AM
🏝️ are hiring a Kotlin/Android developer to work on a rapidly growing social networking application - connecting like-minded musicians and music lovers. We're after a creative and enthusiastic developer, with a solid technical foundation, a charismatic communicator, with an excellent command of spoken and written english. You can be based where you like, and you'll need to be able to work in an eastern-hemisphere time-zone (GMT+~4-10), for real-time collaboration. I'm based in the Philippines. Technology stack: - Node.js/Neo4j backend - Android and iOS mobile apps - AngularJS webapps Its a funded startup environment - reasonably mature agile methodology on the project side. Still room for improvement. On the engineering side, it would be great if you could lead the adoption of automated testing, continuous integration & releases for the Android app. Come work with the team that created popular open-source libraries, like Typhoon for iOS, and a portfolio of award-winning apps.