Hi everyone. I just joined the channel and I’ve re...
# kobalt
Hi everyone. I just joined the channel and I’ve read the posts since early April. Just as I get excited about trying Kobalt and moving my Gradle plugins over I see posts that questions the long term for Kobalt. My input - Gradle (and I’ve wrestled with it since the early days) is really hard to stabilize. I looked at SBT for a long time but finally decided I didn’t like Scala. I strongly prefer strong-type checking environments. So… Kobalt caught my attention. I’m not sure what the plans are for this build system, and I’m still an outsider who wants to dive in … but I hope this project continues forward. And then a question - if I want to start looking at moving over plugins, should I just grab the latest and work with that or is there an older release that everyone considers “stable” and representative of the final form?