We’re discussing with <@U12V5S8GP> about how to in...
# kobalt
We’re discussing with @dmitry.zhuravlev about how to integrate templates to the IDEA plug-in. Dmitry just suggested to add this to the tool window: Dmitry Zhuravlev Some idea: maybe it is a good thing to introduce special task with group "templates" and send it besides other information by getDependencies() call? In this case Kobalt's templates will be reachable via tool window. Cedric This is a bit against how Kobalt works right now: since templates are not a build task, they are run with
What I’ve tried to do is: if a function is not part of the build process, you invoke it as a command line parameter, not a task. That line is sometimes blurry though That’s why
is a command line and not a task
, for example. But I see the appeal in what you’re saying, this distinction is a bit theoretical: to the user, they just want to tell Kobalt to run stuff. Sometimes it’s a task, sometimes it’s more meta. The next hurdle is that now we have a task that requires a parameter, and so far, that’s not supported: `kobaltw template java`: here
is a parameter of
and not its own task.