<@U0EC2UPDF> sorry for another potential bug repor...
# exposed
@tapac sorry for another potential bug report - I believe I may be seeing an issue in Exposed + Spring when doing a transaction within a transaction using Spring
. The backtrace looks like this:
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domain_1      | Caused by: kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException: null
domain_1      | 	at org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.transactions.TransactionStore.getValue(TransactionScope.kt:21) ~[exposed-core-0.26.1.jar!/:na]
domain_1      | 	at org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.EntityCacheKt.getEntityCache(EntityCache.kt) ~[exposed-dao-0.26.1.jar!/:na]
domain_1      | 	at org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.EntityCacheKt.flushCache(EntityCache.kt:152) ~[exposed-dao-0.26.1.jar!/:na]
domain_1      | 	at org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.EntityLifecycleInterceptor.beforeCommit(EntityLifecycleInterceptor.kt:40) ~[exposed-dao-0.26.1.jar!/:na]
domain_1      | 	at org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.Transaction.commit(Transaction.kt:63) ~[exposed-core-0.26.1.jar!/:na]
domain_1      | 	at org.jetbrains.exposed.spring.SpringTransactionManager.doCommit(SpringTransactionManager.kt:67) ~[spring-transaction-0.26.1.jar!/:na]
domain_1      | 	... 20 common frames omitted
They are both running in the same thread, so I'm thinking it may be related to this and perhaps it is losing the reference to the outer transaction.