Sqlite in-memory DB transactions seem broken. Am I...
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Sqlite in-memory DB transactions seem broken. Am I doing this right? In a transaction I create a table. In another transaction, I insert a row but get an error that the table doesn’t exist. Looks like the DB disappears between transactions, which is not correct behavior.
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import org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.EntityID
import org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.UUIDEntity
import org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.UUIDEntityClass
import org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.UUIDTable
import org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.Database
import org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.SchemaUtils
import org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.Table
import org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.insert
import org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.transactions.TransactionManager
import org.jetbrains.exposed.sql.transactions.transaction
import java.sql.Connection
import java.util.*

object Foo: UUIDTable(name="foo") {
    val data = text("data")
class Entity(id: EntityID<UUID>): UUIDEntity(id) {
    companion object : UUIDEntityClass<Entity>(Foo)
    var data by Foo.data

Database.connect("jdbc:sqlite::memory:", "org.sqlite.JDBC")
TransactionManager.manager.defaultIsolationLevel = Connection.TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE

transaction {

transaction {
    Foo.insert {
        it[data] = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
yields the following error:
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Exception in thread "main" org.jetbrains.exposed.exceptions.ExposedSQLException: org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: foo)
SQL: [INSERT INTO foo ("data", id) VALUES (?, ?)]