Roy Nard

12/09/2019, 4:01 PM
Thanks for the answer, I really like JDBI. But there is hardly any community. Just great developers behind it. And as you say, Exposed does not seem too mature enough. thing is however i do not like ORM generally. But yes, you are right when it comes to switching persistence backend.. the more abstraction the easier it will be to change. Our current tables in MySQL are pretty simple and flat. So switching to NoSQL would not be too much of a work actually. Moreover, the IoT system works locally - there is no global database for the system (only one is the Azure Active Directory B2C) for authentication. But that is totally external to the system anyway and only provides the auth part. Seems like I will have to go with JPA and do the work of creating the code equivalents of the current database structure. Exposed is nice since i have like
directly. and can then directly perform code.. whereas JPA uses semantics further away from mysql structures... but then again that speaks for the balance of abstraction.