JDBI or exposed? What to use? Starting a new proje...
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JDBI or exposed? What to use? Starting a new project for production. Will be using an existing MySQL database as we are porting a lot of PHP code. I just learned some kotlin and spring. I was using Dropwizard/Java for my last web services (this is what i am used to in other words). I thought to use micro-service architecture for the whole system. the legacy code is PHP with no de-coupling of front and backend. so we are trying to incrementally move over to micro services. And we chose Kotlin/Spring. Now I wondering if Exposed will give me great benefits over JDBI? Plan is to maybe even mirate to other type of database in the future - maybe NoSQL or Postgres due to the lack of master-master replication in mysql. So we want database-agnostic code reallly. Which i know JDBI does not provide. However I would have to "copy" the structure of the current schema into exposed in order to use code instead of SQL right ?