# intellij-plugins

Cedric Hippmann

04/25/2021, 10:08 AM
Hey I'm developing a plugin which requires to add additional configuration to the module wizard for creating new kotlin gradle projects. Currently I'm doing this like described in by defining my own module type. But this is obviously not ideal as the project is not a gradle project per se while creating. And i need to create the gradle wrapper, build files and so on myself. Which then only later get picked up by IDEA and offer to import the project as a gradle project. I also read about adding additional configuration steps to an existing module type: But how would i go about this as I need to be able to add additional entries to
as well as additional files to the module root. Also I'm very uncertain which
i would need to "extend" for this to work properly. Reading the source of the kotlin plugin and
didn't really help me any further. Does someone have an idea about how i could accomplish this?