Anyone here doing consulting around IntelliJ plugi...
# intellij-plugins
Anyone here doing consulting around IntelliJ plugins? I don't really want a plugin as much as to host PSI outside of Intellij, as you can see in how Kotlin does so in the command-line compiler, the web-demo, etc. I want a list of languages beyond just Kotlin/Java to generate the PSI and do basic analysis of the meaning of a symbol at a point in code. What I don't have is time to do this part of the work as well as everything else I have on my plate. What I want is a quick way to setup, parse, and get at the PSI and analysis for each language from Intellij Community edition. I know this isn't the jobs channel, but this is a bit too narrow for that and I would get people volunteering that likely haven't done anything remotely related to this. If you are interested in helping, let's talk in DM.