07/29/2021, 11:05 AM
Is there any recommended way of documenting a file of top-level functions? It seems like a common approach in many libraries, including Ktor but it typically doesn’t result in really nice pages in the API docs. I.e. (Although I think some of our styling is broken here too 😕) For example, I wish I could document this file similar to if it were a class. Or similarly for top-level functions that are related but spread over files: • Our goal is to document as much as possible in the actual code. That’s also why we have a tool (which I’m trying to move to a Dokka Plugin) that verifies our snippets inside the KDocs, so we have guarantees that they’re up-to-date and working. That way all documentation is also at the users finger tips from within IDEA. Any and all tips welcome 🙂
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