Hmmm. ktfmt erroneously detects an import as unus...
# ktfmt
Hmmm. ktfmt erroneously detects an import as unused and removes it. Gradle 8.x introduced new assignment operator for
instances, allowing
(delegating to
). IntelliJ 2023.2 fixed its erroneous detection of
as unused. ktfmt removes
resulting in a compilation failure, though not even getting there on CI as it first checks if anything needs to be formatted and fails on this erroneous change. Doesn’t appear to be a way to workaround this. Ticket.
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Thanks for reporting this, this is likely that this assign operator name is not part of the this list here[
]/main/java/com/facebook/ktfmt/format/RedundantImportDetector.kt Feel free to submit a PR if you want/need a more speedy change.