Testing K2 and build output seems strange. It says...
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Testing K2 and build output seems strange. It says:
##### 100% (220/220) tasks have been compiled with Kotlin 2.0 #####
But as expected all the kapt tasks says:
w: Kapt currently doesn't support language version 2.0+. Falling back to 1.9.
Is this normal or am I missing some parameters?
kapt is going away in kotlin 2.0 and you need to migrate to KSP
Tell that to dagger 😉 But the issue is more about the logs that says 100% compiled with 2.0 while there's many that are not. I would expect the proper value as a valid indicator if I have other issues somewhere.
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kapt is not going away in K2.0 😅
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are you testing with 1.9.20-dev builds?
No it was a quick test with 1.9.0 to see what I needed to anticipate.
then it is normal - in 1.9.0 kapt tasks internally fallback to the old backend. Should be changed in 1.9.20 release
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