I have another weird behavior. I have a store with...
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I have another weird behavior. I have a store with the following state ->
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data class State(
    val channel01: Boolean = true,
    val channel02: Boolean = false,
    val chain: Boolean = false,
    val effect: Effect = Effect(
        num = 0x02, velocity = 25f, repeat = 100f, back = false,
        primaryColor = Color.Red, secondaryColor = Color.Green, thirdColor = Color.Blue,
    val effectScreen: List<EffectScreen> = getEffectNormalScreen(),
I have an intent to change the effect.num property. With the log is possible to check that the intent is called and dispatcher as well because the state is updated. But the store is not emitting the new state in the stateFlow. I am monitoring the stateFlow in the component of the store and it is logged just when I changed other property, but it is possible to see that state.num is different. The log is in the image attached.
It's not clear without the code. It would be good to have a reproducer (I will be able to check on 7th August).
Ok. I will prepare a reproducer.
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