Hey, I am trying to get into Compose Multiplatform...
# compose-ios
Hey, I am trying to get into Compose Multiplatform right now and set up a project with multiple gradle modules etc. Somehow for the iOS build i get this:
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> Task :architecture:ui:compileKotlinIosSimulatorArm64 FAILED
error: Could not find "org.jetbrains.compose.runtime:runtime-saveable" in [/Users/johannesptaszyk/StudioProjects/Tarisa/iosApp/Pods, /Users/johannesptaszyk/.konan/klib, /Users/johannesptaszyk/.konan/kotlin-native-prebuilt-macos-aarch64-1.9.0/klib/common, /Users/johannesptaszyk/.konan/kotlin-native-prebuilt-macos-aarch64-1.9.0/klib/platform/ios_simulator_arm64]
error: Compilation finished with errors
I also had this with compose.material dependency, where I had to add it to my design module, to build. Would love to create a ticket for that or something, but as I cannot find out more about this, I am a little bit stuck. Does anyone have an idea? Disabling native caching and adding isStatic=true to cocoapods framework in the shared module did not help. Would I need to add cocoapod blocks to all shared modules?
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Adding the dependency that is marked as missing to the module helps, but I do not understand why this is necessary
Project link for here: https://github.com/JohannesPtaszyk/Tarisa Added "// iOS workaround" as comment to the libraries I had to explicitly add for iOS target to build
Hello! Thanks, for description. As I can see - you are using our template. Does empty template project works on your side?
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Empty template (Initial commit of my repo) is working fine. It seems like adding the design:theme module started breaking things, because initially I had this issue with material library instead of runtime-savable. So probably something in my setup is not right, but I cannot seem to figure out what it is.
I also can get this reproduced by removing the compose.material dependency from the design module. Something that is really strange is, that this is only happen for iOS build targets