Hey All, We've tested orbit `6.0.0` in our own pr...
# orbit-mvi
Hey All, We've tested orbit
in our own projects and gathered community feedback and realised upgrading to this version is pretty painful at the moment due to the fact all intent methods now have to return
. This can be a huge refactoring pain if, like us, you're using interfaces to pass the ViewModel to the UI for example. We've submitted a PR for an API change for
that will allow you to expose `Job`s on a case by case basis as and when needed in tests, without the need to do this across the entire project. https://github.com/orbit-mvi/orbit-mvi/pull/193 In the meantime, I would hold off upgrading to
on that basis. I sincerely apologise to the community, especially if you'd already upgraded to
and had to do the extra work to refactor your projects. In the future, any large changes to Orbit will go through internal dogfooding on our own real world (commercial) projects before we create a release to make sure this does not happen again.
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No interfaces here, so it was a smooth update.
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Same here. Mostly smooth update. For us the most work was updating our tests to new pattern. But that’s all
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